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MAY 2020


Now is the time to place your order to sow grass between maize rows using our new Weaving IR Drill.  The benefits are:

  • Reduced soil erosion and run-off
  • Enhancing soil structure with an active root mass
  • Additional winter/spring grazing (estimated £30 / ha)
  • Building of soil fertility and organic matter
  • Easier preparation of spring seed beds
  • Retention of soil nutrients (Estimated 30-40 kg/ha of Nitrogen)
  • Qualifies as EFA – Ecological Focus Area
  • Cross compliance (GAEC 4 and 5)
  • Compliance with Rule 6 of The New Farming Rules for Water
  • Funding through South East Water Maize Management Scheme- £133-£160/ha (where eligible)

We recommend Westerwolds and Italian Ryegrass for best returns.  However, a mixture of fescues and bents are an effective alternative.  All are available from our extensive stores.

Our mounted Weaving Drill is a flexible and manoeuvrable inter row companion crop drill, designed for drilling grass seed or cover crops between rows of maize to minimalize soil erosion and compaction in the following crops. See video below!

The IR Drill has a proven double disc opener with rubber press wheels and spring tension.

Prices start at £25/acre plus cost of seed which can be supplied by us at competitive prices.

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