Domestic and Corporate Garden Construction and Maintenance

Sports Pitch Construction and Maintenance

Agricultural Contracting

Amenity and Agricultural Spray Application

Our trained qualified staff are regularly updated and are proficient in the use of 12m tractor mounted sprayers, 4m pedestrian sprayers, 4m quad bike sprayers (for small paddocks), knapsack spraying (amenity areas) and weed wiping.

Direct Drilling

Using seed we supply, we can offer full reseeds and overseeding.

Tractor Mounted Flair Hedge Cutting

Using our state of the art flair hedge cutter we offer a first class service when required.


Trimax Rotary Mowers, Ransoms Seven Gang Cylinder Mowers, Kuhn Flail Mowers, Berti Flail Mowers are just a few of the mowers we have for regular or one-off mowing contracts.

Whole Estate Maintenance

In many cases customers require packages that include lawn preparation and seeding, hedge cutting by hand and by machine and garden maintenance, all these things we can offer using our trained multi-talented staff.

Amenity Contracting

We can offer complete packages or individual services for sports pitches, including heavy scarification using our Koro Field Top Maker, direct drilling, rolling, fertiliser application, herbicide application, sand slitting, drainage systems, complete planning, construction and regular maintenance packages.